Using My Household Items As Curtain Hardware

With a little imagination and few very simple do-it-yourself tricks, I created unique tiebacks and hardware for my ready made curtains from the little things inside my house. Here are some ideas I have created:


Sometimes I have to look hard for the perfect tieback that can be used with my lightweight drapery rod. Little did I know that one is just sitting there outside my window such as the branches that can be converted into a sculptural drapery rod. I looked for a branch that has the perfect width and length to fit on my window and can carry the weight of my drapery panel. Next thing I will do is to cut it to its exact size and paint it with a color that contrasts my wall color. Lastly, I will secure it with L-brackets or ready-made rod brackets directly to my wall using plastic anchors for drywall. After securing the brackets, I can now screw the branch with bailing wire.


My curtains require something to tie them back or to pull them back against my window, so I just use outdated neckties from our closet for that stylish solution. Since those tiebacks only need the correct Windsor knot inserted to the curtain’s bottom, a fixed necktie has Velcro located at the back of its loop neck, which will be attached directly to my wall.

Nautical Nod

Sisal rope has its limitless in terms of decorating. To be able for me to add some nautical designs to my windows, I may be able to consider putting wooden small blocks just above my window. I will just have to cut the rope with the perfect length for my window, putting knots on both ends and then sliding the panels or rings directly onto the rope. I might give more nautical touches by attaching the rope securely to the blocks with decorative washers and screws. With just a few adjustments on the tightness of the rope, I might be able to achieve a more relaxed or tailored look.

Fashion Sense

Adding some fashionable touches to my curtains may be a great idea. I may re-use my old belts to act as a preppy and stylish tieback. I just secure the belt around my drapery panel to act as a tieback. If in case I need to add more holes to my belt, I just use a hammer and a nail so that it will fit perfectly. Make sure to secure the belt against the wall 10 inches from the belt’s buckle. I place the belt around the curtains and buckle it in place with the new hole I just made.

There are many things you may use around your house that can make your draperies more fashionable and stylish. That is what I just did! I made use of my old things to give my space a brand new look. You could too.